Contact is the common name for the chain of events during Earth's first open contact with other intelligent species from outside of their solar system. In these events, the Core Systems Confederation attacked Earth, hoping to exterminate the humans and harvest the world for its abundant natural resources. The Galactic Alliance had before adopted a stance to let all intelligent species evolve on their own until they reached a jump gate. For thousands of years, most beings in the galaxy obeyed the unwritten treaty until the CSC, led by the Cyran general Korta Vexx, invaded Earth. The Alliance, despite the treaty, decide collectivley to engage the CSC and aid the Humans. The conflict was very short as there were only two main battles followed by the retreat of the Cyran invasion fleet.

First Battle of EarthEdit

See: First Battle of Earth

The initial invasion forces touched down in three major locations: Washington D.C., Moscow, and Paris. In Washington, the United States military lost many men and women only to finally lose the White House and the president. Paris fell in a similar fashion and the Cyran toppled the Empire State Building. Moscow was the only firefight to end in a stalemate during the initial invasion. The Russians barricaded themselves inside their strongholds and shot anything that came through the front door. Ultimately, the battle ended in a loss for Earth forces.

Second Battle of EarthEdit

See: Second Battle of Earth

After the Galactic Alliance arrived, the fight swiftly turned around. France was reaquired by Earth forces with the help of the Alliance air support while special forces on both sides rescued the Russians in Moscow. Alliance marines then aided the United States military forces to recapture the White House. Finally, the Alliance navy repelled the CSC fleet, winning the battle and liberating Earth.

Post-Battle of EarthEdit

After the retreat of the CSC, an invitation to join the Galactic Community was given and accepted by Earth. One condition was the separate nations of Earth would be dissolved and brought together to form the Interplanetary Government of Sol.